~ Episode 22 ~ The Kelly Manno Show - The Great Fart Challenge!!!!!!

Welcome to episode 22.  The FIRST show or 2016. Here are some tidbits you'll find in todays show:

* The cast and crew talk about how they rang in the New Year! One of them spent the night as a total crab-ass suffering from PMS, and if you think it's Kelly because she is the only girl on the show think again.

* The flood waters are finally receding in St. Louis.  Kelly and Producer Gary both had water in their basements and Hoss was trapped in his house like he was on Gilligan's Island.

* Producer Gary came into the studio proudly carrying a small sac of nuts and had the crew break them open on the air for special treat. Let's just say they couldn't believe what was inside. 

* Will there be a big Guns and Roses announcement this week?  Hoss sure seems to think so and no one is more excited than him.

And last, but certainly not least.....


Kellys son Rocky has a hockey buddy who can fart on command. It just so happens Kelly also received a "Fart Gun" for her birthday.  So we brought in the young boy, who we are calling "FARTICUS" and the Fart gun and challenged Hoss to a FART CHART CHALLENGE.  

Hoss had to leave the room and through his headphones he would hear 10 farts. He had to keep a chart guessing if the fart came from the TOY fart gun? OR from FARTICUS farting on command? Let's just say that yellow microphone has been put to rest and will never be used again. 

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