Episode 59 - LIVE from the floor of the studio with special guest Becker!

We are LIVE...from the floor of the new studio thanks to Kelly taking a sledgehammer to the old desk. On the bright side, the sparkle wall looks phenomenal!! Our special guest in studio today is Christopher Becker, not to be confused with Molly the dog, who is photo bombing.

Pokemon Go continues to take over the world.  People are finding them EVERYWHERE...even in strip clubs....and we are starting to question some of these perverted characters.....Likitung???  Really?
And of course the one that looks like a weiner that every man in America is conveniently placing on his crotch.  THIS IS WHY WE CAN'T HAVE NICE THINGS!!!!

Over the weekend a rare pokemon spawned and turned Central Park in New York into a circus, millenials everywhere nearly trampled each other to to catch "Vaporon" - to see the madness CLICK HERE 

Becker is many things, a fantastic photographer, a clean eating freak, a husband and father AND our resident Burning Man expert, he has been several years in a row and is attending again this year.

Kelly didn't even know what burning man was until she met Becker, to her it sounds like pure torture.  Pictured below is Becker and his beautiful wife enjoying burning man.

Of course, not everything that goes on at Burning Man is a beautiful as that picture. Lots of weird photos like grown men in tutu's with their weiners hanging out...

Click HERE to see some of Beckers NSFW pictures from Burning Man. But beware...WIENERS AHOY!!

Kelly is the perfect balance of compassionate and crazy to snag an injured bunny out of the grass and shove it in her purse....WHILE SHOOTING A WEDDING....this was a text from her assistant photographer to her husband.

To find out what happened to the bunny you gotta listen to the show.  And to see photos of the actual bunny rescue you can follow Kelly on INSTAGRAM 

Finally, Becker has managed to lose and keep off 90 pounds.  He looks fantastic and feels better than he ever has. You can learn his method and take part in the Lazy Man's Challenge. Click on the picture below to get more information.  
(Here is a hint, you get to eat a lot of good stuff, and work out very little, and no he isn't selling you a product, it's the real deal)

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