Ep. 99.5 - We're planning out our 100th episode and the Instagram account with all the butts you want!

Hey hey fans! As promised, we're not prepared at all for our 100th episode yet, so we're totally cheating and calling this episode 99 and a half. Yes, of course we can do that. We do what we want.

ANYWHO... Speaking of our 100th episode, we're planning it out now! Yay! Set your alarms, a reminder, carrier pigeon, whatever you need to do to remember May 24th at 7pm for the Kelly Manno Show radio podcast 100th EPISODE! And since we're crazy like that, we're going to be doing the show from a yet-undisclosed Walmart in the area. You'll have no idea, we'll have no idea, THEY will have NO IDEA we're coming. How long do you think we can last until we are politely ushered out?

To try to guess just HOW long we'll be spending in jail next Wednesday, Kelly called up her buddy Paul the cop, who is the owner of Ultimate Defense Firing Range in St. Peters to get his opinion on just how much we'll be breakin' the law.

We also chatted about some cool stuff we found on the internet - you know how we do. First up is the group of kids that voluntarily got pepper sprayed in the eyes for a class in high school. Kudos to those guys, because DAMN that looked painful.

Also, have you guys seen the Instagram account for Cheeky Exploits (@cheekyexploits)? Its basically pictures of people in lovely landscapes with their butts out. I'm sure we spent way too much time talking about people's asses but some of these are downright artistic! And along the same lines, former Olympic gymnast McKayla Maroney got in the news this week by posting a video of her dancing in a tank top and black thong on Instagram (@mckaylamaroney). We think she's trying to 'reinvent' herself for a music career, but people are all mad because young girls might see her as a role model. She's put it out there that she isn't and doesn't want to be seen as a role model but is she chained to her past as a gymnast?

You guys are the best, most attractive listeners in the world and we thank you for listening to our crazy show! If you LIKE the show, SHARE the show! Thank you again for your support and your support of our super cool sponsors!

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