~ The Luckiest Girl in the World ~

Baby Libby Lu is almost a week old. Sometimes I really think I'm the luckiest girl in the world. Especially now that God has blessed me and my family with Baby # 3.

I had a wonderful labor surrounded by family and friends, spending most of it with my own kids in bed with me. I wanted them to be a big part of the process.

I was really happy that I went into labor on my own Sunday afternoon, but after about 24 hours of labor things just weren't moving along as planned so we did end up with a C-section, but that was perfectly fine with me, I told my Doctor I didn't care if this baby came out of my nose as long as she got it out healthy.

And at long last she was here! A perfect Baby Girl! A BIG baby girl as well, tipping the scale at 9 pounds...no wonder my belly was so big.

She is here, and I think her daddy is a little overwhelmed at having 2 little girls but he has Rocky to help him out :)

Momma is thilled to have 2 little girls...and yes I will totally dress them alike. Libby Lu is the spitting image of Luci. If they were closer in age they could be twins. It's like I am holding the same baby all over again.

Her name is "Libby Lu". Back when Jimmy and I were dating there was this store in the mall called "Libby Lu" and it was the girliest store in the world, little girls could go in and make their own sparkly shampoo, or get a baby make-over, they would listen to party music and play dress up, even coming out into the mall to put on little "shows" - I loved this store so much, it was like a little girl dream-land and everything I wanted for the day when I had a little girl. So I threatened him and my family for years that I would have a little girl and name her Libby Lu, I'm not sure anyone ever thought I was serious :)

But then I found a way to make it work, Elisabetta is a beautiful Italian name that conveniently could be shortened to "Libby" and her middle name, Leola was my grandma's name, but I used to call her Grandma "Lulu" - so put those 2 together and Elisabetta Leola, becomes Libby Lu :) I am fairly sure when she is older she will just go by Libby, which is fine by me. But she will always be Libby Lu to her momma.

I have alot more to tell and I could talk about her for hours, but I will wait until her "Birthstory" of photos and videos is done to share the rest. I cannot thank my amazing friend Kelly Park enough for sticking with me in the hospital to capture some beautiful photos. As well as my awesome family, the aunts, cousins, sister-in laws, and more who kept me company and kept me laughing throughout. I love you all.

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