March 21, 2012

~ The Reynolds Family ~

I'm working again - Yippie Skippie! I always take 4 weeks off in February/March to reset my batteries, literally, the ones in my camera and in my head.   The first week or two is lovely but then I'm just a mess, I can only re-organize the hall closet so many times before I'm busting at the seams to work.  It's not that I'm a work-a-holic, but more of the fact that I really love my job.  Hanging out with brides and cute kids makes me happy and I'm sad when it's gone for too long.

I was thrilled that the Reynolds family kicked off my 2012 year.  Amy and I go way, way back and her babies have been on this blog many times before :)  She has her hands full with all these crazy boys but I absolutely adore the dynamic of her cute family. Enjoy!