~ Jennifer and Shawn - MARRIED ~

If a wedding day were a big band, marching through the streets in a downtown parade the bride would be the drum-line.   She plays the cadence that everyone marches to, pushing the band forward with heads held high.   Their feet adjusting to the rhythm she plays.

I'm sure when Jen planned her wedding, the one she's been dreaming about since she met Shawn 13 years ago.  She pictured an outdoor wedding in a gorgeous open field next to sparkling water.  I'm not quite sure her plan envisioned a temperate of 105 degrees and no shade for her or the guests.  

My brides never cease to amaze me.   When I walked into the Villa Maria winery I found my bride Jen smiling ear to ear pridefully sporting her "bride" tanktop and laughing with her girls.   She had such a positive upbeat attitude about the whole thing, so did Shawn and so did their bridal party.  I didn't hear one complaint all day, and truth be told those tuxes had to be unbearably hot.

The ceremony was beautiful.  I don't think anyone even noticed the heat.  It was short, sweet, intimate, and nobody passed out from heat-stoke.   I'd say it was perfect ;)

Shooting through a severe heat-wave the midwest has suffered has not been easy for us photographers.  But having clients like this make even the hardest days worth it. 

Had Jen fell apart, or thrown a pity party over the weather it would have effected everyone around her.  Thank you Jen for pushing the band forward and not letting the weather ruin your day or your beautiful attitude.

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