~ Bridget & Brian ~ MARRIED

I adored Bridget and Brian's wedding.   Bridget lights up any room she's in, and the whole day was just magical.   The days leading up to her wedding were surrounded by family who worked their tails off to make her wedding perfect.   They did everything themselves.  I loved reading her "wedding blog" and seeing her family gathered around tables night after night working on centerpieces, glittering pumpkins, threading ribbons, shining mirrors; it was a really cute team effort.  
Seriously, how stunning are these two?  Made my job a piece of cake. 
Here is a perfect example of why I always bring a second photographer to my weddings.   I physically cannot be in two places at one time, and I love both of these shots.  
Bridget wanted a silhouette shot.  Here you go sister ;)
The rest of our day was spent at the Arch Grounds with a quickly setting sun, but we managed to squeeze in some dynamite images.
* My Favorite *
This wedding was a referral from one of my all time favorite brides ever, Paige.   She is sassy and spunky and everything I love about my clients.   I'm so happy she referred me to Bridget,  who will easily take a rank spot in my top tier as well.   What fun girls, I'm so lucky they picked me to be their photographer. 
The people who caught the bouquet and garter were already dating, so I took their photo.  If this whole catching fiasco turns into something sparkly over the Holidays, holler at your girl.   I want to shoot that wedding :)

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