November 16, 2010

~ Paige and Brian ~ Married!

I love Paige, I mean, really, really love her. If I remembered how to make friendship bracelets I was sooo make one for her. I really think we are long lost sisters, which is odd..because normally, loud bossy gals don't like other loud bossy gals, it's like a clash of the titans. But her and I were 2 peas in a pod, we almost read each others mind all day.I loved her, her dress, her colors, her WEATHER - seriously...perfect weather.
I loved her sassy little flower girl who just twirled and twirled and twirled when she put her dress on.

I loved the gray suits she chose for the guys instead of the standard black.

I loved these kids, could have shot them all day.
I loved her adorable and agreeable groom, Brian. Who I think maybe said 4 words to me all day...but it wasn't his fault. Paige wouldn't stop talking - ha! Seriously, they are such a perfect match for each other.

I loved her bridal party, because they made me feel like I was an extra bridesmaid.
I loved the guys because they were all stud-ly rocking the purple.
I love Paige for what she did after I took this photo...but I can't post it on here :)
And finally, I LOVE that when I asked Paige to hike up a gravel hill in her dress into this icky field she didn't flinch. I will shut up now and let you soak in the awesome-ness!

See...I told you we were "Best-ies"
Thank you Paige and Brian, for rocking it out and trusting my judgement. Thank you Gail for second shooting with me.


Alicea Hermeyer said...

I really like the field pictures!! You always find the most magical fields Kelly! :)

Karin said...

I met Paige at a wedding we shot in October and she gushed and gushed about you. So yeah - it's mutual. She knew she was in great hands, and clearly - she was. You did an amazing job Kelly - as always. And Paige - you are just gorgeous! So glad to have met you!

Anonymous said...

Congrats to Paige and Brian!!!
I absolutley love your photos! Thanks for letting Kelly share them with all of us! Its the next best thing to being there! So sorry I missed it! You two look so happy!!! And I so love the PURPLE!!!
Love ya,

Anonymous said...

Sandy Stewart said
I was anxious to see the pictures, I am a picture person. The wedding was beautiful and Dennis and I had such a great time at the reception. Kelly, you did an awesome job of capturing the romance of it all!!!!!

Lauren said...

From one of the bridesmaids at paige and brian's wedding...
kelly, you were amazing and these pictures made me tear up!! it is too bad that paige's "inappropriate" pictures could not be posted, as im sure they are quite hilarious. im not even close to engaged yet, but you better still be doing this when i am because you are HIRED!!

Donna Harris said...

M E L T ING over the photos in that gorgeous field, with the light... and the dress... and the sassy bride.


Anonymous said...

beyond awesome! they look like they are from a bridal magazine!

Amy Meyerott Photography said...

I want to do my wedding over and wear her dress!!

Tashia said...

LOVE THE PICTURES!!! I can't wait to see the rest of them... Kelley You did such an awesome job and it was fun! I agree with Lauren be prepared to come back to Litchfield when I get married = )