~ KC and AJ Married ~

KC and AJ were just meant to be. After all, they both go by initials for their first names :) I loved everything about their wedding. KC was a classic beauty with her gorgeous red hair, and AJ was smitten and adorable. I actually know these 2 better than most of my clients. KC and I used to work together and AJ and I play softball together! So it was fun to be surrounded by friends while I was working.
Moments with momma before the ceremony...

The moms after lighting the unity candle for their kids.

I told these two how cute I thought they were and they just laughed at me, but seriously, they were adorable, and adorably in love! I could have taken their photos all day.
This wedding party was so much fun that my cheeks hurt from laughing so hard.
Most of my laughing was the result of this guy, the best man. He is a good friend of ours and knocked the "Best Man Speech" out of the park kicking off the reception in style.

Oh...AND they hired my husbands awesome, fabulous wedding band. Looking for a band for your reception? Get the "Manno Special" a band AND a photographer - ha!

KC and AJ thank you so much for hiring me....and my husband :) Thank you Cheryl for some fantastic images, you rocked my socks girl!

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