~ Kelly and Todd ~ Married....again!

Today's blog features Kelly and Todd. We will get into their story in a minute, but lets take a moment to revel in the gorgeous view from their ceremony...They were married at Riverbend Chapel and this place is a class act. I've shot there once before and I fall more in love with it every time. I highly recommend it for anyone looking for a ceremony and reception site.
So Kelly and Todd got married...again. You see Kelly and Todd are already legally married, they even already have kids, but the one puzzle piece missing was the "wedding" you know a real wedding with the white dress and flowers where you feel like the queen of the ball, the one day in your life where every time you turn around someone is telling you how gorgeous you are! A day when every single one of your friends and family are in the same place at the same time to celebrate you and your family! I could gush forever...I love weddings.

Speaking of my kids, I told my second shooter Don my "Golden Rule" when shooting a wedding where the bride or groom have children.

RULE : There is no such thing as to many pictures of the kids

But of course we had to save some time for just Mom and Dad too :)

Thank you Kelly and Todd, I truly appreciate your business from the bottom of my heart. Thank you Don Hawkins for second shooting with me, great job as always!

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