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I've had many people ask me for a blog update on Katie. I've sort of just avoided the whole thing because I don't have much good news to share, I'm kind of in an ugly little worm hole about the whole thing. But I did have the chance to hang out with her and her momma and brothers at the pumpkin patch a few weeks ago, and had the chance to take one of my new favorite all time photos. Check her out - I love it!
Katie started Chemotherapy a few months ago, 5 rounds to be exact. And having lost far to many loved ones to cancer I know that chemo is a double edged sword. It's a Godsend because it's the only true kryptonite we have to fight cancer, but it's also reeks havoc on your mind and body and soul. Anyone who has been through chemo will tell you it's very, very hard.
So Katie and her tiny body went through 5 grueling rounds of Chemo only to have lab results confirm that it did nothing. The tumor did not shrink. I believe she just underwent a 6th round of either different, or stronger chemo and if that fails it's time for her Doctors to have a very serious talk with her parents and grandparents about the options that remain.
So there you have it...an update on Katie. I'm struggling with a way to end this post because there is no way to wrap it up and put a pretty bow on it, there is no "silver lining" or "bright side" - it sucks, it all sucks. Every time I see her I want to reach in and pull that son of a bitch tumor out myself....and I barely know her. I can only imagine how her family feels.
But there is always time for prayer, and hope, and miracles. After all without hope we have nothing. Remember above all else the cancer, the doctors, the nurses, the chemo, the hospitals NONE of them are in charge of what happens to this little girl. They are just tools to the one and only person who is in charge. He has a plan for this baby girl, no one walks on this earth without a purpose and she is greater, and stronger, and braver than any of us could ever pray to be. So please remember Katie and her family, they need love and support and guidance, faith, hope and prayer, lots and lots of prayer.

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