November 30, 2010

~ Amanda and Dustin ~ Engaged!

Amanda and Dustin met up with me for an early morning session in U City. Amanda was a bridesmaid in a wedding I shot last year and her and Dustin couldn't be more cute or giggly. Dustin "claimed" he wasn't good at taking photos but I think he did fantastic! I think Amanda made it easy for him, you can see that being with her puts him at ease.
They also get big fancy bonus points because they let me move their session time so I could attend Rockys soccer game, and any clients who let me spend time with my family get automatic "favorite points"
I have so many more photos from this session that I would love to share but I've got alot more blogging to get to this week if I'm ever going to get caught up!

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Kelly Park Photography said...

Love the urban fun! Great pictures :)