~ Hibernation ~

I think the technical term for hibernation is something about bears sleeping for 6 weeks in the winter.  

Photographers do the same thing the first 6 weeks of the year.  There aren't alot of weddings,  and it's too cold to shoot outside.  So it gives me time to reset my brain and relax a little.  Except for instead of sleeping, like the bears do,  I pick my children up from school in my pajamas, only wear a bra if I go out in public and don't brush my teeth until noon.   Seriously,  if you saw my schedule from March to December you wouldn't judge me too much on the bra thing. 

One day VH1 was running Jersey Shore episodes "Pop Up Video" style with the little quote bubbles,  I swear I didn't leave the couch for 4 hours.

But those days for me are numbered as Spring is literally right around the corner.

I was excited to kick off my shooting seasons with 1 year photos of the beautiful Miss Victoria :)   

If you are interested in a family photo session with me, my Spring is completely full through June,  but I am starting to take summer deposits now.   More details can be found at my website www.KellyMannoPhotography.com

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