~ Who is CLOCKWORK, and why won't you shut up about them?

Who is Clockwork and why won’t you shut up about them?

If you’re friends with me on Facebook, you’ve had a little bit of overload lately about a band called Clockwork.

So who is Clockwork?  Clockwork is Jordan, Logan, and Logan.   Some local boys with good heads on their shoulders and gigantic musical talent.

Please take 2 minutes to watch this video,  shot by yours truly, to see what they look and sound like. 

Why won’t you shut up about them?

A few years ago Jimmy told me one of the Directors at work wanted to bring his teenage kids to our house so they could sing for my husband.

I rolled my eyes and said NO.  

My husband is a get-shit-done kind of guy.  Anything he puts his mind to he can make happen.   But because of this, people are always asking for his time.  He also has a hard time telling people no.  It gets really hard for him to balance all the favors he is asked with his family life, so we had a big talk and severely limited all that stuff a few years back.

Having a couple of grimey, awkward teenagers in my basement taking up my husbands time to play him their screamy-dark-death-metal music, while I managed homework, bedtime, bathtime all with a newborn was not my idea of a fun time.

This is what I assumed they would look like.

He somehow talked me into it.  I’m sure he promised me a spa day or something.  

I didn’t even greet the boys when they came in.   I was busy with Libby Lu, who was a newborn.  

I went into the bathroom to give her a bath in her little baby tub and I could hear the boys singing.   Their voices were echoing through my metal laundry shute and they were amazing.   When her bath was finished I sat on my bathroom carpet with a wet smily baby wrapped in a towel because it was so beautiful to hear those harmonized voices flow through my house.

That was just the beginning.  Once I met them, their personalities won me over as well and I gave my husband the green light to put as much energy and focus into these boys as he can.

They’ve spent the last year writing and recording their new album “Out to Sea” which drops this Saturday, February 23rd, at their CD release party at Blueberry Hill.

The cover is $10 and that includes your CD.  It is an ALL AGES show.   So feel free to bring out your pre-teens and teens.   There won’t be any guitar smashing or cussing from the stage :)    My 2 older kids are going, the love they band, and I can’t think of a better role model for my son Rocky then these boys.  

If you cannot make it to the show Saturday I encourage you to like their facebook page and maybe you can make it to a future show.

You can also catch them this Friday morning on Y98.1fm,  and on Channel 5 - Show Me St Louis at 10:30am.  The Post Dispatch is running an article on them Friday as well.

They were also on FOX 2 last week and we just got the word that 105.7 The Point will be playing one of their songs Thursday in the 6:00pm hour. 

Things are getting really exciting, and with the momentum they have in St. Louis, I can't wait to see what's to come for them.  I hope you like what you hear.  I really think big things are in store for them.   Being a part of it on a ground level when it’s still so small is a pretty neat thing.   I hope you guys can all share that with me by coming out to a show. 

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