~ Kurt & Lisa ~ MARRIED!!!

She is radiant and poised, carries herself with grace and calm that makes her even more beautiful.  He is a big ball of energy with a personality everyone should be so lucky to know.  Together they had a spectacular wedding day surrounded by everyone who loves them. 

Heck with October weddings,  if you want some serious fall color... get married the first weekend of November- every year it's right on the money.  Best weekend of the year, nice pick Lisa and Kurt. 
Kurt was a local sports guy on television for a long time, he had a lot of great guys in his group- I tried really hard not to talk hockey with him all day :) 

Again, with the spectacular fall colors ;)   Well played, November. 
We snuck downtown for some city shots before heading to their reception to dance the night away!  Thank you Kurt, Lisa and your friends and family for a beautiful day. 

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