~ Lauren and Alex ~ MARRIED!

The guests sat on stacks of hay, the bride wore cowboy boots,  and grandpa was the minister.   I don't think I have to tell you much more than that for you to grasp what a gorgeous country-vintage wedding this was.  Lauren and Alex planned every single detail perfectly.  

Half the time I felt like I was shooting in a museum.   After all,  we were on Daniel Boone's grandfathers property.   A property so rich in history,  with every last item preserved to perfection.   My brain was on creative overload.   
Lauren carried a bouquet of the most gorgeous flower I've seen all year.  Hands down favorite.
Lace Pumpkins?  Yes Please!  Pinterest eat your heart out!
Cousins :)
My second shooter Joanna grabbed this perfect picture of Lauren and her Dad before they walked down the aisle. 
Looking back at these photos this whole wedding makes me smile.  Lauren was a doll and Alex is a solid guy who loves his family and his wife.   They make a perfect pair.   Thank you Lauren and Alex for trusting me with your wedding photos.   I am forever thankful. 

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