April 29, 2014

~ Katie & Chris Hasse ~ Kelly Manno Photography

Last year,  on a hot summer night,  Katie thought her Dad scored some awesome front row tickets to a Cardinals game.   At the bottom of the 3rd inning her Dad got up to hit the concession stand only to be replaced moments later by her adorable boyfriend, who wasn't suppose to be in town,  and a gorgeous diamond ring in his hands.   Just when she was about to call her family to share the good news of their engagement she looked into the outfield to see they had been watching the whole thing. 
This has to be the cutest proposal story I've ever heard.  I stole the proposal photos from her wedding website to share with you guys.   Their wedding day kicked off on April 12th,  just as the Magnolia trees were blooming and the weather was absolutely spectacular.   Had so much fun with these two,  their wedding party,  and their awesome families.