~ Emily and Aron ~ Married!!!

No, I didn't spell Arons' name wrong.  He is named after the late, great, Elvis Aron Presley.  I've been a huge Elvis fan since I was about 10 years old.  My Grandma Sally taught me all about him when I was a kid.  On their early dates Aron won Emilys heart by driving her around town and serenading her with Elvis songs.  I would have fell for it to sister ;)
Together, Emily and Aron have an adorable, spit-fire son,  who they did NOT name Elvis.  His name is Henrick, and he stole the show all day. 
These may be my favorite bridesmaid dresses of the year.  The pale pink chiffon with the jeweled neckline were gorgeous.  They are from David bridal,  the special occasion section :) 
Emily and Aron had an incredible wedding day surrounded by friends and family who love them more than anything in the world.  It's just a shame Henrik didn't get to have any fun at the reception :)  LOL
A heart shaped sand-pit just begging for a night shot :)

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