~ Sarah and Austin ~ MARRIED!!!

Nearly 10 years ago, while I was trying to build a photography business, I took on a second job as a figure skating instructor to help make ends meet.   I spent 14 long years of my life figure skating,  it's a sport I hold near and dear to my heart.   When I took the job, I had just had a baby,  and most of the instructors were significantly younger than me,  I was always worried I wouldn't fit in very well with them.  But they were the sweetest group of girls and I adored my time with them.  One of the girls I worked with was Sarah.  Who would have ever thought all these years later our paths would cross again and I would be photographing her wedding. 
When I met her and Austin and their engagement session last year I thought they were one of the cutest couples I'd ever met.  They literally look like Ken and Barbie, which makes my job pretty easy.   And they treat each other with a level of love and respect that other couples envy. 
Sarah went with the shabby-chic-vintage feel for her reception and pulled it off beautifully.  The cakes and goodies were Made by Lia,  and the gorgeous flowers and centerpeices were from Stems in Florissant.  

This is the part of the blog where I usually show some romantic photos of their first dance,  but they and something else in mind :)
Thank you Sarah and Austin!  Here's to many, many years of happiness. 

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