~ Hilary and Josh ~ MARRIED!!!!

Hilary and Josh were married on a gorgeous day in early October.  I told them they hit the weather "jackpot" - and on top of that, their ceremony was held at one of my top 5 favorite chapels to shoot in (The Provencial House at UMSL) 

A little behind the scenes for you.  On the left shooting...on the right, the shot :)
Sometimes a Best Man or Maid of honor will "wing it" when it comes time for the speech, or just speak from the heart.  With a room full off grandparents and children Charlie, the best man accidentally let an F Bomb fly during his speech.  this photo says it all!  LOL 
And I just wanted to prove that despite the photo above, Hilary was a good spirit about it and everyone laughed it off :)
Brothers and Sisters :)  Love this photo.
I'm not sure what Hilary is doing to poor Joshs butt but this seemed like  great photo to end on!

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