The Kelly Manno Show - Episode 7

Have you ever wondered what it's like to be married to a professional athlete? How about a hunky NHL hockey player?  The ladies behind the toughest guys on the St. Louis Blues sit down with Kelly this morning and answer all your questions.
From L to R - Kelly Manno, 3 month old Stella Backes, Kelly Backes, Alanna Reaves, Erica Ott and 7 month old Maverick Ott.
Could you imagine 90 minutes of complete solitude, we are talking total sensory deprivation. FLOAT St. Louis is taking the city by storm and everyone is buzzing about it.  Kelly had a great time interviewing the boys from - and even got to try it out for herself a few weeks ago.  Check out her interview on today's show to find out how it went. 
Piggy Smalls giving kisses to Maverick. 

During a fun round of "Know your Hockey" trivia we stumped the wives on a David Backes question.  We even had to pull up the clip to show his wife, it's a fantastic chirping moment, check it out.

You're going to see some new headshots floating around the Kelly Manno blog and social media. A big shout out to Emily Miller and her amazing Make Up & Hair team who helped Kelly look fabulous for her photo shoot.  Click the logo below to go directly to Emily's website. Make sure you mention you were referred by Kelly :)
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