~ Brett and Katie ~ Married!!!!

Katie loves life, and life loves Katie. 

I've been looking forward to her wedding since the moment she booked me.  Her eyes twinkle and she smiles so wide you can see her molars.  She lights up every room she walks in. I'm pretty sure if you trace her family tree she's related to a Unicorn somewhere :) 

5 years ago Katie drove halfway across the country for a wild Spring Break with the girls.

She had no idea she would meet the love of her life AND he would be from the same area as her!  What are the chances???

 Brett is tall, handsome, and so kind.  The minute you meet him you feel like you've known him for years. They got matching tattoos 2 months after they met, which I'm sure thrilled their parents :)  But these two knew it was forever  way before anyone else.

We found a quiet little tucked away park.  The sunset was gorgeous.   Katie and Bret we are coming back to this cool tree for photos when you have babies...mmmmkay?

Sometimes it's hard to get single guys on the dance floor for the garter toss. 

Take a tip from Katie and Bret, throw an autographed Tarasenko puck instead of a garter and the dance floor will fill up quicker than #91's wrist shot. 
Thank you Katie and Brett!  I just love you guys to death, I had the best time at your wedding and I can't wait for you to see the rest of the photos! 

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