~ How my pet Pig ended up in the St. Louis Blues locker room ~ #RoarBacon

Many of you have seen the video of Piggy Smalls making his way through the Blues locker room, squealing, eating Lucky Charms, and for his grand finale, taking dump in Coach Hitchcocks office. 

If you missed it, click the link below and watch the video :)

As always, for the story behind the story, click the orange play button below and listen to my podcast to find out how this all unfolded.  And who is responsible for starting a twitter page for my pig. 


My kids had a half day so they were home with me and able to come share in the fun.  I love the picture below, my son on the left, Rocky, was already totally freaked out that he was getting his photo with David Backes when Vladi Tarasenko walked right by him, waved at him. I think his brain was on overload at this exact moment :)

Ryan Reaves LOVED Rocky's name (who doesn't) - he's having a baby early next year, if it's a boy could we have a little "Rocky Reaves" - it has a ring to it right?
The girls were smitten with Steener, I mean, who isn't?  ;)

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