Episode 38 - Biebs, Britney and out of control kids

Hey Manno Fanno's!  There is a bonus show this week for you! We're bringing you news about Biebs, Britney, and out of control kids.

Speaking of out of control kids :)  Kelly's are on spring break this week and leaving her a bit exhausted, and her shoulder rehab is turning out to be a little more than she bargained for.

   Justin Bieber told his fans he will not be doing meet and greets anymore and his reasons spark a    lively debate between The Bieb's #1 stalker..er..fan Kelly, Hoss and Producer Gary.

          Does this look Photoshopped to you?  Where is the concrete edge of the pool under her back? Britney has everyone (except Hoss) guessing

They honeymoon period is over, Kelly and Hoss had their first major disagreement, that didn't involve Brittney Spears or Justin Bieber :)

Hoss posted the following caption and photo on his Facebook this week. (Photo has been edited for this blog)

"Shithead of the day award goes to this asshat, I mean special angel. He did nothing but scream, climb all over, throw stuff , cry and throw general fits all evening long."

Kelly thinks Hoss shouldn't be posting photos of other peoples children on Facebook and calling them names. Hoss defends his actions and says "Come at me bro" and a bit more :) 

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