Episode 39 - Axl & Gwen tick off our hosts and Kelly makes pumping gas sound sexy

Our brand new SASSY shirts are in and ready to order!  The are $20 and can be bought on the right side of this page :) Our model, Jess, doubled as our co-host today and helped fill the room with a little extra estrogen, which Kelly always loves :)

Guns N Roses bailed on their St. Louis tour date and Hoss has been in fetal positions rocking back and forth for hours. We aren't sure if he is going to be okay.

Gwen Stefani's pulled an April Fools joke on her Instagram, but not many people were laughing about it. Did the crew think she went too far?

Kelly is still recovering shoulder surgery, she had a mishap pumping gas over the weekend that turned ver perverted, very fast. At least to the guys in the room.

We talk about the top 15  kids names of the last century, did your kiddo make the cut?

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Here is a shot of Kelly at the market holding a 2 foot long cow tongue. 

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