Episode 42 - Our dream expert is here! What does is mean when you dream about S-E-X???

BLUES WIN!! BLUES WIN!!! THANK YOU THANK YOU!! We talk with Hoss' fellow blog partner Jason Martine about the HUGE win yesterday!! Jason and Hoss are starting up their Blues podcast this week, for more info check out www.blueshockeypodcast.net!!

Our favorite weary world traveler, Hoss, made another trek to see Guns N Roses,this time at the Coachella Music Festival. However, GNR was not the highlight for him this time. The 4 surviving members of NWA performed together during Ice Cubes set at the festival. But things turned a little controversial when they started showing photos of Michael Brown during their song F the Police. 

Our favorite psychic/medium/dream interpreter, Lisa Pini, dropped by to discuss some of our listeners dreams. This is her third time here and we finally found out what it means if you have a dream about S-E-X!!!

And, a teacher lost her job when she won a twerking contest over spring break.  Kelly totally agrees with the firing, have you seen the video?  If not we have it for you.
See what she did HERE 

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