~ Episode 43 ~ Cardinal Fans help us send GOAT POOP to the writer of that terrible NY Daily News article.

St Louis baseball fans are on FIRE with anger.  And rightfully so. The woman below, Kate Feldman, wrote a horribly inaccurate, race baiting article, and the expense of the city of St. Louis. Her article was shared hundreds of thousands of times before the truth started to come out. However once that genie is out of the bottle it's not something you can easily put back in, and unfortunately many people will never get a chance to read the follow up articles that show her article isn't true.

Click here, here and here for some articles that try to help straighten up the mess she caused. 

We called our good buddy Guillermo at I POOP YOU and he is packing up $100 of goat shit to be delivered to her later this week. 

The BLUES have a big game tonight.  They have to play both the Blackhawks and the ref's, if they can overcome both they move onto to round 2 of the playoffs.

Kelly went to a drag show over the weekend to celebrate a friends birthday and she was treated to seeing BUTTERSCOTCH the one-armed drag queen.

Moms on a Mission stopped by the studio.  Moms on a mission is a group of everyday people making a difference.  Here is a link the facebook group if you would like to join.  

And here are the details on the Donation only yard sale this weekend!

And then we eat donuts and talk about a guy who shoved a tube of cinnamon rolls up his butt and it exploded.  The End. 

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