Episode 40 - Kelly and Hoss have exciting weekends and we think Facebook is spying on us.

The Kelly Manno Show has a big announcement and we want you to help us tell the world!  Share the video below on your Facebook page and tell everyone why YOU listen to the show and we will draw a winner Wednesday evening!

Over the weekend TJ Oshie made his return to St. Louis to take on his former hockey club. Kelly's daughter, Libby Lu is his number one fan.  Last year this video of her went viral when she found out he was traded. 

Well, we have a new video to show you. Her little smile says it all. Nine long months later, TJ kept good on his promise to meet her when he returned to St. Louis. TJ is a class act, we are so grateful to have role models like him for our kiddos. And Libby Lu has a new best friend for life. 

WARNING!!!!  This video might make your heart combust into a poof of glitter.  Don't say we didn't warn you!

Not to be outdone, Hoss got to see his idol, he didn't jump into the arms of Axl Rose quite like Libby Lu did, but he would have if he was close enough.  Axl Rose and the boys in Guns N Roses play a reunion show in Las Vegas!! Even with a broken foot Axl brought the house down. Hoss flew round trip in less than 24 hours to see them, he's currently operating on fumes, liquor, and skittles. 

What happens in Vegas doesn't stay in Vegas....especially if you put it on display like THIS!!! 
 This classy lady was sitting across from Hoss at his terminal at the Vegas airport. Hoss swears she is wearing some sort of skirt, it's just hiked up.  Who the hell would know? Put some damn clothes on woman!

We all know that Facebook controls what we see in our newsfeed. It creates algorithms and shows you what it "thinks" you want to see and who's posts you want to see. But did you know they are also only showing you messages it "thinks" you want to see?  This story is outrageous and has many people fuming at important missed messages. To find your hidden inbox click this link and follow the details.  

We talked about the series finale of American Idol, all the big stars were there.  Were you watching?

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