Episode 44 - We sent poop in the mail, again....this is becoming a problem.

The shit has left the building....literally. If you missed it last week, Kate Feldman, writer for the NY Daily news, wrote a shitty article about the fans of the St louis baseball that was horribly inaccurate, and then proven to be untrue. She claimed the St Louis Cardinal fans taunted and blitzed former player, Jason Heyward with racial slurs from the stands. Her sources were a couple dudes on twitter, and after scouring every microphone and both field and crowd level from all the TV networks, it was found that her article, was quite literally full of shit.

This chick should NOT still have a job. With no apology from Kate, and no retraction of the article we felt it necessary to let her know what the fans of St. Louis felt about her journalism skills.  And because Hoss and I have the combined maturity of a 7th grade boy we maid her 5 pounds of goat shit. 
Kelly Ripa is PISSED at her co-host of 4 years Michael Strahan. She has yet to make a public comment, but her absence from the show last week spoke volumes. Hoss and (our) Kelly take 2 totally different sides on this.  Have the buried the hatchet? We will find out Tuesday when Kelly returns to her co-host chair. Either way we love these 2 television personalities and wish the best for both of them. 

Long time Manno family friend Carlos stopped by the show. He is an uber driver now and has some hysterical stories to tell. Make sure you listen for the part when one of his drives started with him catching a drunk girl falling off a fence, and that was BEFORE she even got it in his car, there is more to this one for sure. 

Todays show was dedicated to the one and only Prince, who was taken too soon.  His music touched so many generations and the world is a much quieter place without him. We are so fortunate that he shared his gift with the world and left behind an amazing catalog of music that we will cherish for years to come. 

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