Episode 46- Are we living in a parallel universe? The Mandela Effect, and what the Berenstein Bears have to do with it.

Kelly's is a proud, proud MAMA SPICE.  Her daughter Luci and some friends pulled off a spectacluar talent show performance over the weekend. Even Uncle Hoss tagged along to cheer her on. Needless to say, as a guy without kids he was very entertained at his first elementary school talent show.  Watch the adorable performance below

We celebrated another BIG Blues playoff win. Friend of the show David Backes netted the game winner, in OT on his birthday!! LET'S GO BLUES!!!

Are we living in a parallel universe? A popular kids book has everyone talking about something called "The Mandela Effect" in which large groups of people remember something different than how it really happened. Safe to say we are all freaked the hell out.
So do you remember it as BerenstAin or BerenstEin Bears?? Did you know Snow White doesn't say "Mirror Mirror on the wall" - she says "Magic Mirror on the wall" Is it Fruit Loops or Froot Loops?? Did Prince want to "Celebrate this thing called life" or "Get Through this thing called life"? No matter how you remember it the Mandela Effect will blow your mind. Here is a link to learn more. 

So, Jay-Z cheated on Beyonce and she just told the whole world in her new album "Lemonade"  Kelly played us some of the songs from the album and let's just say the Queen B is PISSED with a capital P!  
Question is did they conspire together to make headlines (and more millions) or did Jay Z have zero clue she was working on this? Either way she has scorned women of the world fired up with her new album.

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