Episode 51 - "Mom, Joel peed in the cheese drawer" and other weird stuff people do in their sleep.

Kelly and Hoss started off the show by recapping Saturdays HUGE win by the Blues. Now it is a best of 3 series and the Blues have home ice, although Hoss said we should all wear Sharks gear and the team should sleep at a hotel tonight because we have played better on the road in the playoffs!!

Hoss also spent the day Saturday at PointFest where the band he represents, The Highly Suspect, KILLED IT!!. He also told the story of going into the dressing room of the Chicago band Chevelle wearing his Blues gear and getting some seriously dirty looks! If you want more info on  The Highly Suspect click on the picture below to check out their website. 

Kelly has self diagnosed herself with the disease hypnophobia, which is the fear of sleeping. We played a great bit by a comic named Mike Birbiglia about this exact subject. You can listen to Mike's full story HERE

This led into some GREAT listener stories regarding sleepwalking and the things they do while sleepwalking, our favorite was a story that ends with "Mom, Joel peed in the cheese drawer" 
*Note this picture is not Joel, but apparently when you google "guy peeing in a cheese drawer" ALOT of images pop up!  LOL  

They say everyone has a twin somewhere. How cool would it be to not only have a famous person for a doppleganger but come to find out the characters name in their latest movie is YOUR NAME? 

Twilight Zone kinda stuff right? Well it happened to Max Kessler and his celebrity doppleganger Adam Sandler. Completely by chance, Sandlers character in his new movie is Max Kessler. Here they are hanging out at the premiere.

This reminded Hoss of the time back in his younger days when people mistook him for Blues Hall of Famer Chris Pronger... you be the judge!!

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