Episode 50 - Kelly's daughters picture was stolen for a national news story that didn't involve her.

Big story in the news today, a Kindergartener was suspended for bringing a toy gun to her school.

Attached to the story was a photo of the little girl. Only one problem, the photo they used for the article was not that Kindergartner, it was Kellys daughter.  They pulled a random screen-shot of her daughter Libby Lu from a youtube video nearly a year ago.  

Luckily Kellys friends alerter her very quickly. The publication took down the story as soon as they were notified of the mistake and also apologized.  Still baffling, and quite creepy.  But we are glad they did the right thing.

This is Kellys mom, Joyce. Surrounded by her 5 ground kids.  She is 57 going on 25, she's a ton of fun and super cute. Joyce became a widow over 2 years ago and has just stepped into the dating scene.  The first guy she started dating has been throwing out some serious red flags for Kelly. She's been leery of him from day one, but was trying to give him a chance.  

He had told some pretty tall tales in the past, but Kelly put her foot down over this last fiasco.  He told her mom he couldn't see her for a while.  He said he was a sniper for a swat team and had been deployed on a task for to Texas.  Then he sent her the following photo of himself "working"
After nearly spitting her drink through her nose, Kelly did a quick google search and learned  this photo belongs to an Afghanistan war hero, and not some 60 year old dude who trains K9 dogs for a living.  

Then Kelly and her family did the mature thing by trolling him on Facebook all day with fake photos of themselves hanging from helicopters.

As Beyonce's would say.....tell him boy bye :)

On the flip side, Kelly has placed a $500 bounty on the head of anyone who can set her mom up with guy in his 60's, has a job, a house, not a liar, and doesn't look like a mongloid.  If you fit that description email the show - HeyKelly@KellyManno.com

Love her or hate her, a St Louis Blues fan has been hanging her fun-bags out for the world to see at the last 4 playoff hockey games. The last game they lost 4-0, so were thinking her boobies aren't all that lucky and its time to cover them up girl. 

And finally, a Mom finds a Devine sign in her kids diaper when the kid sharted a cross.  Can't make this stuff up people. We love you for listening. 

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