Episode 48- Drag Queens, a high school prank gone wrong and our 2 cents on Transgender bathroom issue,

Kelly is spitting fire, and her target of anger is a flaky drag queen who has cancelled on the show twice with zero notice. We might have a girl fight on our hands, and knowing the size of most Drag Queens we seriously worry for Kelly's safety. Maybe she can kick him in the..... balls shins :)   

Who know Drag Queens were such divas? Okay, maybe we should have known better. 

A high school football player who exposed himself in the team photo for the yearbook as a prank faces 70 criminal sexual charges and might have to register as a sex offender for the rest of his life. Is the punishment too heavy?  See the edited photo that appeared in the yearbook below.  All 3 members of the crew agree that the punishment went way too far and then laws in our country regarding sexual predators needs to be changed. 
Read the full story here.

That conversation reminded Hoss of the ending credits of Teen Wolf. See if you can spot why.

And we finally put in our 2 cents regarding the issue of transgender bathrooms. We really didn't want to discuss such a heavy topic on such a fun laid back show but the situation just isn't going away. 

The whole thing has left Piggy Smalls utterly confused. 
"Well Shit... Now I don't know which bathroom to use??"

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