Episode 47 - Happy Mothers Day! Here is a toast to all the BAD MOMS!

Mothers Day was yesterday and the gang talked about their moms and what they did for them. Kelly also discussed her afternoon of solitude watching Magic Mike in her bedroom with the door locked!!

Kelly found herself in a puddle of tears as she celebrated "Mothers Day tea" with her youngest last week.  She's having a hard time imaging these kids growing up and wants more. Her husband is having a hard time imagining a vasectomy reversal. :) 

The St. Louis Blues continue to progress in the playoffs, a few weeks ago Kelly and Hoss said that if the Blues win their first Stanley Cup this year they should celebrate with Blues tattoos.

Producer Gary and Jimmy are in too but Mama Hoss is having NONE OF IT. We called her live on the air and she nearly grounded him on the spot just for asking. 

Speaking of mothers day, Moms everywhere are celebrating the summer movie release of Bad Moms.  
We shared some of our favorite #BadMomMoments - Kelly kicked things off with the time she swore she laid Libby Lu down for her afternoon nap.  She only realized she didn't when she found her asleep in the backyard.  
Share your #BadMomMoment on social media for your chance to win a trip to the movie premiere.  Check out the movie trailer for yourself!

In Hollywood news, Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne have announced their separation after 33 years of marriage.  Early rumors are swirling of an Ozzy cheating scandal.  Certainly isn't the first time this couple have hit some bumps in the road but we wish them the best. 

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