Episode 49 - A peek inside the mind of a kidnapper, Justin Bieber is losing his mind, and we play the mouthguard challenge.

Hoss bought underwear for an engaged woman over the weekend!! But not without permission first :)   He found these funny underwear at comic-con and remembered our previous guest, stripper Ashley, had affectionately called her period "sharkweek" so he picked them up for her. Who knew there was an entire line of underwear for that time of the month?

Great news following last weeks Amber Alert.  Little Carly from TN who was kidnapped by her uncle was found safe. This prompted a discussion about an old St. Louis Post Dispatch article about Michael Devlin, the man who kidnapped Shaun Hornbeck and Ben Ownby.  Who were later found alive, also known as "The Missouri Miracle" -  Kelly read some of the article on the air.  It gives a chilling peek into the mind of a child predator. It will send chills down your spine.  Click on the picture below to read the story. 

Kelly mentioned 2 videos she had her children watch.  These brave little kiddos did everything right and saved their own lives. 

Kelly and Hoss tried to guess what the other was saying while wearing a mouthguard and it was pretty damn hilarious.

Justin Beiber may be headed for a "Britney 2007" style meltdown. He is publicly stating he feel like an animal in a cage when dealing with the public and was seen walking in a park in Boston barefoot and feeding squirrels. The crew discusses how they would feel if they had the kind of popularity Justin has. 

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