Interview with an Escort...You've seen "Pretty Woman" now find out what the business is REALLY like.

In keeping with our series of "Interesting Jobs" on the Kelly Manno Show, we're so so stoked to bring you Kelly's number one bucket-list interview, the Escort!

"Becky" is a former professional escort of 10 years and has graciously agreed to come on our show and answer all our crazy questions about her life and work. Today, we learn things like the difference between a hooker and an escort, what her family knows and thinks of the job, how she keeps herself safe and even how she reports on her taxes.

There's even a crazy story or two in there - guys, you may never look at mayonnaise the same way again...

Listen in to get all the details and maybe learn a few things you didn't know! What was most interesting to you? Is there anything else you would've asked her?

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