ONE WEEK OLD!!!Here is baby Luci one week old and doing great! She's a good sleeper and good eater which makes momma happy :) My friend Jenny came over today and took about a billion pictures of her so next week I will have a slide show to post!But things in my life took an interesting turn last week....God gave me a new angel, and took one away.

Sally Sumpter
Sept 16th 1928 - Aug 17th 2007
The day after I had Luci I lost my beloved Grandma. I'm devastated at Gods timing, but I have to trust that everything happens for a reason. My heart is broken that Granny never got to meet this baby, she was sooo excited I was having a girl, bought her pink clothes, a pink bumbo seat, and loads of diapers.
Thanks to the wonders of one hour photo my family was able to rush some pictures of her to Grandmas bedside. Besides, I'm pretty sure they crossed paths on their journeys in and out of this world :)

I miss her more and more everyday, but every time I start to cry I think of how mad she would be if she knew her passing caused me any grief during this time of happiness. She would want me to enjoy every second of this new baby.

Here's me and Grandma (and hubby and his mom) at a cards game last year, she was the biggest baseball fan you could ever meet.

Luci has a very special guardian angel.... I love you grandma.

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