~ I am not Martha Stewart ~

Some people may assume that because I work in a "creative field" that I am creative in all sorts of ways...not so much.

First of all, I can't draw...at all....not even a stick person. I'm not "artsy fartsy", I've never owned a pair of Birken-stocks and I don't drink coffee.

I've never been too hot at decorating either. As a matter of fact, when I moved into my first home I copied my friend Stefanies color themes from her house room for room. She literally walked in and said "Wow, it's like I'm in my own house?!?!"

But I did just finish Luci & Libby Lu's room and it ended up pretty cute so I thought I would share.
The only thing I know about decorating is that you are suppose to pick one item as your focal point and then design around it. So when I re-discovered this old jewlery box that belonged to me in high school I knew it would be the perfect item!

This was just a plain white dresser, I did the knobbies and decals. Each of the girls have their photos above their beds.We also had to move Rocky into a new room after baby #3 so here is his too! All sports, of course.

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