~ My Best Friends Wedding ~ Tempe Arizona

About 7 months ago my phone rang...and on the other end was my best friend Julie.  "I'm getting married!" she squealed.  Without a second thought, and before I even told her congratulations- "Oh my Gosh I am totally your photographer!" I squealed back.   

"Wait....what?" she said, screeching to a halt.  "How can you be IN the wedding and be the photographer?  Won't you feel left out?  Plus, I don't want you to have to work on my wedding day.  How will you enjoy yourself if you are working?" 

Julie had a lot of good reasons why I shouldn't shoot her wedding.   

But I had better reasons why I should. 
She has a crooked tooth on her bottom row and she hates when it shows...and thanks to 4 years on poms, sometimes she holds her chin up to high for pictures.  I can tell you the first and last name of every boy who has ever broken her heart, her favorite lipstick in high school was Revlon Rum Raisen, and when she goes to Taco Bell she orders a bean burrito minus the onions and plus red sauce.  

We've been best friends for 20 years.  Many of those years we were completely inseparable- especially in the summers.  We would literally spend 5 or 6 days together straight.  At one point my dad was convinced neither of us would ever get married and we'd be old ladies living together in our 70's.  

 We had braces together, went on double dates together, and when our parents made us get jobs, you guessed it, we even worked together.  I don't know how it's possible for 2 people to hang out as much as we did and not get sick of each other.   She and I always shared a genuine zest for life.  It's rare to catch either of us in a bad mood, so put us together and we are seriously annoying, happy people. 
A couple of years ago she started dating Nate.  She complained all the time that she and Nate never had any good pictures together.   He hates having his picture taken.  She was a little worried about how their wedding photos would turn out with his camera-phobia and all.   I was like, "Julie, I got this."   So after some begging, she let me ditch my bridesmaid's dress for my camera gear.

I knew that being her photographer was the one and only way I could ever pay her back for a fraction of the love, laughter, tears, hugs, stories, and memories that she has given me.  My cheeks hurt from smiling when I think of her and all we've been through.

But the number one reason I wanted to shoot her wedding?  

Because I don't know a single person with more enthusiasm and passion for life than Julie.  

I'm lucky to be by her side for these accomplishments.   I couldn't think of a better place to be on her wedding day than behind my camera.

Julie, your wedding day was flawless.  Seeing your dreams come true makes my heart spin.  I'm so happy for the life you've created in Arizona, not just with Nate, but with all your friends out there who adore you and love you as much as I do.  I love you Julie Ellen, for everything you are and everything you've helped me to be.  Enjoy your wedding photos. 
Want to see more of Julie and Nate?  CLICK HERE to see their slideshow. 

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