~ F is for February and for FLUNK ~

F is for February, and it's for Flunk, as in, I deserve a big fat F for the neglect of this blog lately.  

But I have a great excuse, I've been busy...doing nothing.  That's right, busy every single day doing a whole bunch of nothin' like cleaning out my junk drawer or re-matching all our socks to their real partners and not the crappy job I do when I'm in a hurry.

Oh, and the weather has been spectacular.  Every time I sat down to blog I would get distracted by the weather and I'd grab my kids and run like hell to the nearest park instead, leaving my phone and computer behind to eat my dust.

I must say, I have a pretty fantastic "off switch"- I love what technology has done for my business and I have a great respect for it in my professional life, but it has no place in my personal life.

My house is my favorite place to be,  and my kids are my favorite people to hang out with.   When I am home with them my computer is off and my cell phone is who knows where, probably the car.  My husband and Mom know my home phone number, or where I am if I leave,  and that's all that matters.

Inventing the smart phone was probably one of the worst things this generation has ever done.  It's sucked the real life out of life and has made our relationships impersonal and lazy.   There I said it, smart phones suck.

Oh Jerry Seinfield, you nailed it.

I know, I know, I sound like I'm 80.   But being tethered 24 hours a day to our work and other mundane problems and issues is insane.  Being reachable 24 hours a day is insane.  I remember my Dad bitching about call waiting when we got that back in the late 80's.  He just didn't understand how 2 people could get ahold of us at the same time and to this day he STILL gets confused when he has to "click over" on a call.  Anytime he says "Hang on Kel, the phone is beeping" - that means he is about to hang up on me.

You should have seen the look on his face when I tried to explain twitter to him.  I think his exact words were "Well that is the stupidest damn thing I've ever heard of" - Totally agree Dad, totally agree.

Social media overwhelms me a bit in general, but as long as I can unplug from everything at least a couple hours a day I'm happy.  I just want to make sure my REAL life looks as cool as it does on facebook, right ;)

We can learn so much from our kids.  Like their ability to genuinely focus on one task at a time without distraction.  Like coloring a mermaid on the driveway.  That's the only thing that matters to her today, she is not concerned with what she did an hour ago, or what she has to do tomorrow, and she's certainly not thinking she needs to take a picture of it for twitter.  She is in the moment.  Take notes from your kids folks, we can learn so much.  Her mermaid was freaking awesome!
Luci pretty much wants to hang out with me all the time latley.  Which is perfect because I want to hang out with her all the time too.   I would much rather take a kid with me to the grocery store than go alone.   I actually really hate being alone.  I don't need alone time, or quiet time, or "me" time.  Never have, never will.   My mom is the same way.  I hate to be alone, and silence makes me insane.  If  I had it my way I would just be around people all the time.   So her and I are quite the pair. 
Poor Libby Lu, we were seriously at the park 30 seconds before she busted up her chin.  She is a spunky little pistol.  Such a determined little squirt who always knows exactly what she wants, and a tough little cookie too.

When kids show you who they are, believe them.  I think  I read somewhere that a childs entire personality is formed by the age of 2 or 3  and I believe it.  Their little character stays so true to their hearts as they grow and I think it's so important to feed into their little souls and let them flourish.  Bloom where you're planted baby, Bloom!

And, in completley unrelated news, I did this again.

Yep, I froze our credit card.  I've done this once before, not my idea, not sure where it originated from but it's brilliant.  Put your credit card in a bag of water and stick it in your freezer.    You see, I absolutely hate credit cards, and we don't use them.  Period.   

We have one Emergency Credit Card.  But lately we've put a few purchases on it that weren't exactly urgent ("cough" WWE Royal Rumble Tickets the husband bought "cough")  

So I froze the damn thing.  Dramatic?  Possibly, but I wouldn't have it any other way. 

That's really all I have for now.  I hope you enjoyed some pictures of my cute little babies.  I'll get this blog steered back on track in March, lots of beautiful weddings coming up!

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