~ Ashley and Randy ~ MARRIED!!

Yee haw Y'all,  Ashley & Randy are married!  I've decided that Ashley and Randy's wedding officially kicked off my fall season.   It was the first wedding of the year that I saw a pumpkin, it had the most beautiful crisp autumn smell as the winds blew breezes from the cornfields across the street, and it was my first wedding this year that wasn't over 90 degrees.  To say it was a perfect fall day would be an understatement. 
Ashley and Randy love farm life.   As soon as the ceremony was over they had their huge tractor pulled right in front of the church for photos.   They posed with pride like it was an extra family member.  

At some point during these photos some ole' boy in a pick-up truck drove by and made a comment out the window about how "That tractor would look a lot better if it were a John Deere" - causing Ashley to nearly chase him down in her wedding dress to give him a piece of her mind.    It was really funny.  Apparently country girls are protective of their tractors. 
Ashley and Randy invited the entire town to their reception.   Literally, I've never seen so many people at a wedding, it was like the town fair.   And the food hand cooked by their friends and family was AMAZING.  Best Pork Chops ever, excellent down-home cooking.   The food they served put fancy plated dinners at the Ritz Carleton to shame. 
Happy wedding day Ashley and Randy!  Thank you so much for asking me to be a part of it. 

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