~ Emily & Steven ~ MARRIED!

Every story is different, every wedding begins with a journey.   A tale of where they are, where they are going, and where they have been.

 I don't just invest my time and talent into my clients but often times I invest my heart as well.   8 years in the business and I still get misty-eyed during the father/daughter dance or an emotional toast.     

Couples like Emily and Steven move my heart, make me smile, and give me a strong and clear reminder why I love my job so much.  
Steven needs Emily like a fish needs water, they are such a perfect pair.  On a picturesque day in September, Emily walked down the aisle to the sweet melody of Jason Mraz and married a man she had known for more than a decade.  
I have this funny memory as a kid playing with my new "Malibu Barbie" in her pink corvette and telling my mom when I grew up I wanted to look just like Barbie - to which my sweet mother replied  "No one really looks like that honey,  it's just a doll." - Well, mom lied.  
Steven will go down as one of my most favorite grooms ever.  He has been through so much and overcome so many obstacles-  I hope my son grows up to display the kind of integrity and strength that he has.   Steven, you deserve every drop of happiness coming to you ;)

Emily, Steven, and their guests danced the night away in a little white tent, under a blanket of stars - swaying to the sounds of sweet country music…and the wobble… LOL.   Emily and Steven, thank you so much for inviting me to be a part of your wedding day. 

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