~ I've never been so happy to be wearing a bra ~

A couple of months ago I was leaving to take Rocky to a birthday party and this weird little car comes zipping down my street.   It looked like something out of a Dr. Suess book, bright colors with a weird apparatus on the top.  I stared at it as it drove through and circled our cul-de-dac twice.

When it got close enough I read side door  "Google Maps - Street View" car.

Awesome... you A-holes,  because I love having my photo taken for the internet in my front yard un-announced.  I instantly did that thing where you press your forearm to your chest to check and see if you're wearing a bra.   I do the same thing if I see a neighbor coming over to talk to me.  If I have an entire conversation with you with my arms crossed.   Yep, no bra.  

I looked down to see what I was wearing and I was actually proud of myself.

After all, it was a Sunday afternoon.  If I didn't have somewhere to be I would have been standing in the grass with bed-head wearing my old Notorious B.I.G. t-shirt and my husbands boxers.  My neighbors love me,  I class up the place. 

I griped about it on Facebook and carried on with my day. 
Well, look what Rocky found on the computer over the weekend.   It was nice of them to blur out my license plate and face,  but I really wish you could have seen the dirty look I was giving the driver for going so fast down our street. 

I have 2 complaints for the Google Maps people.

Number 1.  Give us a little warning,  us Manno's love attention, if we had known that car was coming into our neighborhood we would have put on a real show for you in the front yard.

Number 2.  Don't you people own Photoshop?  Can't you help a sister out with the spare tire area?

Speaking of Facebook,  if you are not my friend you should be.   You can find that link here.   I also have an Instagram account.  Click on the little blue camera below to follow me on Instagram.  I do have a Twitter as well,  but I don't post much and I mainly use it to follow sports so I won't bore you with that one ;)

Have a great week and remember ladies : always wear a bra in your front yard,  even if you're just taking out the trash because you never know when the Google Maps car is gonna getcha. 


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