July 23, 2013

~ The Manno Family ~ The other side of the camera!

My sweet and talented friend,  Donna Harris captured some pictures of my family earlier this month.   She posted several of them on her blog and wrote some very sweet words about our family.    You can see the link here.    I cannot thank her enough for these great photos,  I will cherish them forever. 
We also had a video made with TJ Ingrassia.   Anytime someone needs a wedding videographer he is one of the first names that comes out of my mouth.    He also does these adorable family videos with Donna and other photographers around town. 

You all should know my kids think the song in the video was written just for us.   My friend Christine picked it for our video 3 years ago and the kids just assumed it was written about us.  They love watching the videos, know all the words,  and we sing it together in our living room on "family music night" - Rocky will tell you it's our "family song" -  I'm sure Ingrid Michealson would beg to differ :)