July 26, 2013

~ Ramie and Matt ~ MARRIED!

Ramie and Matt never stopped smiling on their wedding day.   They are 2 of the most genuinely happy  in love people I have ever met.    It was clear from the beginning of the day how much everyone loves two people.    
They had a packed church, in a tiny town, with weather that was nearly perfect for a mid-west summer day. 
 As if I didn't already love Ramie enough…she did something that in 9 years I've never seen a bride do. After the speeches and toasts, she took the microphone in her own hands, as she blinked back tears and thanked her parents.    Thanked them for giving her the wedding she had dreamed about since she was 4 years old.  It was genuine and kind and straight from her heart.  The whole room let out a thunderous applause and this is a photo of her parents in that moment.   One of my favorites.