October 22, 2013

~ Kacy and Chris ~ MARRIED!

I first met Kacy and Chris over a year ago,  we had coffee together and talked about wedding photography, and what they wanted their wedding day to look like.   I loved them instantly.   First of all,  the are insanely in love with each other and held hands the whole meeting.  Secondly,  they're gorgeous,  they look like they stepped out of a perfume ad,  and Finally, they have such big hearts.  I caught both of them, many times on their wedding day, more concerned with the welfare or goings on of their bridal party, or family, or dogs than themselves.    Their whole day played out perfectly.   The groom cried more than the bride did,  the sun was shining all day, and the evening ended dancing under the stars with their closest friends and family.   Thank you so much for letting me document your wedding day,  I absolutely adore you two.   I'll be quiet now and let the photos do the talking.