October 27, 2013

~ Madeline & Anthony ~ MARRIED!

Maddie and Anthony,  your wedding day made me so happy.   Not only because Maddie was a radiant bride, and Anthony thinks she hung the moon.  But because people like you,  and your families, remind me why I love this job so much.   I saw so many warm smiles,  and genuine embraces on your wedding day.   Some people thought I was pushing it - shooting a wedding the day after my Dad's funeral,  but as soon as I saw Maddies big smile and picked up my camera I knew I was exactly where I needed to be. 
Doesn't Maddie look like the model-bride that comes IN the frames you buy at the store?  Stunning. 
A big thank you to Kelly Park who is not only a talented photographer but also a good friend who went the extra mile helping me cover this day.   Love you girl.