~ Episode 28 ~

* Are we the only ones faking this whole "adult" thing? Kelly had to travel alone with the kids over the weekend and seriously questioned her ability to be an adult.

* John Scott becomes the NHL's most talked about player over night. And it was well deserved, you won't believe the crap the NHL just put him through, but he got the last laugh.

* Speaking of Hockey we are giving away some amazing BLUES tickets, but you have to find Producer Gary, dressed like a shark, in a park, this evening :)

* Valentines Day is coming up and you can get FREE hot wings and Hooters just by bringing a picture of your ex to shred!!!

Guest Angela LaRocca is her to talk about her new movie, and she offered Kelly a role in the film. PLEASE take a minute to like them on Facebook and stay up to date with new information on when you can see it.   CLICK HERE for the link.

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