February 29, 2016

~Episode 32 - Cancer survivor Darren Miller shares his story

Kelly and Hoss kick off the show gloating about their 1st place win over 700 people in music trivia this weekend. They also tried to take a selfie together at the event. It looked a little like this.

Sports Illustrated featured a size 16 model on the cover of their swimsuit edition. Most people think she looks gorgeous, but one former model wasn't happy about it, saying the magazine is glamorizing an unhealthy lifestyle.  Find out who is was during the show.

Cancer survivor Darren Miller is here and his story knocked us off our feet.  On his 50th birthday he was given a terminal cancer diagnosis. Along with following his doctors treatment which included chemotherapy he also did his own research and followed a treatment plan that included Cannabis oil.  He is now cancer free.  His story is amazing. Please share this with anyone you know suffering from Cancer.