~ Episode 30 ~ IT'S DINO-WEEK!!!!!

Shark-Week has nothing on us.....It's DINO-WEEK on the Kelly Manno show as the crew continues to hilariously "dino-bomb" local news reporters. 

Fertility Specialist Dr. Elan Simckes is here, we are talking "baby-making"- he was a hoot, he flawlessly combined his expert knowledge with a lot of humor, you don't want to miss it.  For more        information on his practice check out http://fertilitypartnership.com

Kelly's cousin Jennifer has just started her journey with Dr. Simckes.  If you would like to help contribute to their fight for a baby click THIS LINK to be directed to there Go Fund Me page. 

Hoss is up for a GRAMMY!  Well, not technically Hoss, but a band he manages which is equally exciting.  His band "Highly Suspect" is up for Best Rocky song and Best Rock Album. The video for their song Lydia is below.  You can also find them on Facebook HERE 

Our Brand New "Sassy,Classy and bit Smart-Assy" cups are here and ready for purchase, if you would like to have one email the crew at HeyKelly@KellyManno.com 

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